Patterned Finishes for Elevators

The Ascent™ Collection is a selection of state of the art metal finishes manufactured and developed especially for the elevator and escalator industry by the Rimex Group since 1959.

With 15 patterns to select from the Patterned range of Rimex's Ascent™ Collection, the benefits are:

  • Manufacturing capacity in most metals including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium and other architectural metals.
  • Durability to provide long term cost savings in the replacement of doors and panels associated with satin and brush polished metals, laminated and other inferior materials.
  • The prevention of oil canning i.e. the distortion effect common with satin or brushed polished finishes.
  • The Patterned finishes can be coloured under Rimex's ColourTex® process to provide an additional selection of finishes.
  • An attractive choice of patterns suitable for all environments from exclusive apartments, offices and hotels, shopping malls and theatres to freight elevators.
  • Due to the versatility of Rimex's product range these finishes can be used on elevators as a central feature in a building and utilized in the theming of other applications such as doors, reception desks, skirting and wall panels to provide continuity of design
Patterned Finishes for Elevators
Elevator doors and complimentary wall panels in Rimex's 5WL/5-SM pattern. Note the lack of distortion on the elevator doors and wall panels as compared to the columns constructed from satin polished stainless steel.

Patterned Finishes for Elevators
Elevator door and architraves in Rimex's 2WL / Windsor pattern.
Patterned Finishes for Elevators
Elevator interior in Rimex's 7GM® pattern.

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