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The Rimex Metals Group has manufactured surface finishes on stainless steel since 1959 and has plants in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia and South Africa. It is the only company that manufactures all these finishes under one corporate roof resulting in the highest level of production expertise, appropriate material management and quality control.

Rimex's metal finishes include (1) patterned / textured cold rolled finishes [also known as the rigidized finishes] such as 2WL, 5WL, 5-SM, 6WL, 6-OM, 7GM® Linen, Squares, Treadplate; (2) coloured stainless steel; (3) vibration polishes; (4) bead blast finishes; and (5) etched finishes.

Rimex's products are ideal for various applications within the architectural, engineering, machinery, refrigeration, elevator and transit sectors.

Patterned Products


See the complete range of patterned products

Rimex CGI Materials Library

Rimex CGI Materials Library

Download texture image maps to use in CGI visualisation software.


SandStar - New Product

Rimex USA can now roll our new SandStar pattern up to 1250mm wide

1500mm / 60” wide

1500mm / 60” wide patterns

Rimex USA can now roll 6WL - 5WL - Leathergrain & TreadTex® up to 1500mm / 60” wide in these patterns


Granex™ range


View our shot peened/bead blast range called Granex™


New Product

VorTex™ Finish

VorTexT is a random orbital polish that Rimex is now manufacturing at its production facilities in Enfield, UK and New Jersey, USA.

ColourTex® range


Check out our ColourTex® range of colored stainless steel


Product Benefits

Read about the benefits of Rimex's coloured products

Cleaning Stainless

Cleaning Stainless

Download our guide to cleaning

the Rimex range of stainless

steel finishes

Latest Projects

New Projects

View images and details of our latest architectural projects

Architectural applications

Architectural Applications

Illustrations of some significant projects that Rimex has been involved in over the past 25 years

For architectural users

Download DesignScape™ BrochureDesignScape™ Brochure.




View applications in elevators

For OEM / Machinery users

Download MaxiSlide™ BrochureMaxiSlide™ Brochure.




Machinery applications



View transport applications using Rimex patterns



The Refrigeration Collection

from Rimex


UK office : ... +44 (0) 20 8804 0633

USA office : ...... +1 (732) 549 3800

Germany : ..... +49 (0) 7181 7096 0

France : ........ +33 (0) 56 70 65 188

Spain : .................. +34 9432 19291

Australia : ......... +61 (2) 4340 5599

South Africa : ... +27 (11) 793 3695

China office: ..... +86 21 6247 6345

Mid. East : ....... +971 (561) 389465


Contact other worldwide offices


Email: sales@rimexmetals.com

BSSA - celebrating 100 years since the invention of stainless steel in 1913

BSSA Centenary

Download Rimex Brochure

Download Rimex BrochureDownload the full Rimex Brochure.


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Stainless steel is highly recyclable and typically contains 70% of recycled material. This percentage is increasing. Source: International Stainless Steel Forum.

Stainless steel also has excellent life cycle benefits. It has high corrosion resistance. Add the benefits of Rimex's finishes and stainless steel has aesthetics combined with minimal maintenance needs and longevity of product. For example, stainless steel buildings are now being designed to last 100 years; and when the building is eventually demolished the stainless steel will be recovered, recycled and re-used.

Stainless steel yields long life and value qualities.

B.S.I. Certificate

Rimex Environmental Policy Statement

Rimex Quality Policy Document

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